понедельник, 12 октября 2015 г.

Bonded by art

So many people, so many tastes

If you think I’m a homebody you’re wrong. I read books only when I have nothing to do. The rest of the time I spend with friends. Jack, Pete and Susan aren’t only the members of my band, but also the most important people in my life. We’ll never stay apart, even in heaven (or hell, which is possible as well). Music unites us but the décor of our rooms shows how different we are in fact:
  • Jack is fond of retro cars. So he put a few prints of them on his walls.
  • To please his girlfriend, Pete hangs her new photo each time they have a quarrel.
  • Susan prefers minimalism, so her room consists of a bed, a wardrobe and blank walls.
And I plan to buy another piece of modern abstract art.

No art – no life

Art has become such a trivial thing that we don’t realize its importance. Can you imagine a house without a picture, a fridge magnet or a carpet? I can’t. The smallest detail of our interior is somebody’s creation. Whether it was made with love or not, it’s a product of that person’s imagination and work. Today we have a wide choice of items to purchase and to make our place the most beautiful in the world: abstract wall art, hand carved furniture, exclusive dishware and so on. I already have two paintings above my bed. The first depicts a guitar player like myself, the second – just some nice urban scenery. They say if you want something very much, the universe will help you get it. So I surround myself with things that appeal to me, so maybe one day the universe will make my dream come true and you’ll see my name on billboards!

I highly recommend!

If you have a strong desire to decorate your room and are looking for modern abstract art for sale, here’s my advice – you should definitely see oil masterpieces by Leonid Afremov. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied both with quality and price. Next canvas I’m gonna buy will be one of his! I even think about purchasing a nice still life for my mum’s birthday. She adores wild flowers and I’ve seen some on Afremov paintings. Mum’s gonna be overwhelmed with joy! I can see her running around the house, hesitating whether to hang it in the kitchen or in the living room. Hmm, to be on the safe side, I’d better buy two pictures. Something tells me they won’t be the last of Mr. Afremov’s paintings to land on our walls. Modern and abstract art can tell a lot about who you are, so be careful not to shock your guests!

четверг, 8 октября 2015 г.

Do you like mysteries?

I’ve got one more hobby and it’s detective stories. At school I used to hide a book under my desk and tried to read it while the teacher was talking about chemical reactions, sulfates and other nonsense. As a result, I got D on Chemistry, but I can tell you a lot about Edgar Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie! Are you intrigued? Then I’ll go on. Classical detectives make people think and analyze the situation, but what I like most of all about them is suspense! I’d say that Poe is the king of this genre! You never know who the murderer is in his story until the author reveals the secret himself. And sometimes this discovery is so unexpected that I stare wide-eyed into the book and can’t believe that’s the man. This ‘aha’ moment is perfectly explained in this article http://nsf.gov/discoveries/disc_summ.jsp?cntn_id=135833&org=NSF . It happens so quickly and seems to appear out of nowhere. Actually, our brain works things out secretly and then says ‘Bang! Remember me?’ and a sudden idea pops into our mind. The same is with detective stories. The writer keeps us in the dark on purpose to make the moment of truth more exciting. And we follow him. I think not all authors are talented enough to create such a mystery. But Edgar Poe is. Was. And always will be. Today people are keen on fantasy, but I prefer reading a good old detective! And what about you?

воскресенье, 4 октября 2015 г.

Nice to meet you all!

Hi, I’m Leonardo Mathews from Chicago, but you can call me Leo. Once my mum watched ‘Titanic’ and was stuck on DiCaprio. But it’s me who pays the price for her fanaticism! In general, though, I always find a common language with my parents. I’m 24, so we get on quite well. Except for the days when I play my guitar and mum asks me ‘not to shout so loud.’ So if you ask me what I do for a living – it’s music. I sing with my band at a local bar and dream of performing on stage for a large audience.